"Write away your diaries or finish your blockchain thesis or simply read your next Hawking title with Ursa Major as your backdrop. This co-work/co-live called WorkationX is for those who cannot differentiate between work and vacation. "

Found On All Fours

"WorkationX brings to life the concept of converting work into a vacation. Our entire team felt more inspired, energised and motivated than ever before. The space has a certain aura that makes youbelieve that you can change the world."

Sophos Systems

"Surely one of the finest experiences at this picturesque community space dedicated to Elon Musk, nestled in the middle of nowhere in a remote Himalayan Hamlet in Barot Valley. The best part, you will have to trek 3 hours to reach this place."

Terrain Travellers

WorkationX is a Co-working & Co-living community space that brings together digital nomads, professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent thinkers and startups to work, live and engage with the local community of the Himalayas. We had a blast working from the highest and most remote co-working location. With scenic office views, everyday treks , village tours etc office hours never felt so amazing.