We encourage digital nomads, freelancers, independent thinkers and entrepreneurs to synergise with each other and find new solutions to problems through creative cooperation. If you have a team of your own or a company, we can design a personalised itinerary with customised experiences and pricing to make sure that WorkationX feels more than just an office to you. We also provide mentors for corporate outings along with team building exercises to recharge and refresh each individual’s spirits.


Upto 7 DAYS (/person/day)

Upto 15 DAYS (/person/day)

Upto 30 DAYS (/person/day)

Private Room

INR 2000

INR 1800

INR 1600

Double Room

INR 1000

INR 900

INR 800

Quad Room

INR 600

INR 500

INR 400

MEAL PLAN: Meals would be available in our in-house kitchen at INR 110/meal/person.