The seasons of Rajgundha

The mountains, the quiet deep mountains. There’s this feeling of intensity one gets when in Rajgundha. At 2600m, Rajgundha is a scenic village by the river Uhl in Himachal Pradesh. The village is a 14 km hike from Billing (the popular paragliding spot) or a 4km hike from the other route through Barot and Bada Gram. Rajgundha is also home to WorkationX, Asia’s highest co-working and co-living space which is open to designers, technologists, meditators, artists and all people who want to draw in inspiration from nature and work on ideas.

One thing that is common through the year in Rajgundha is the beautiful raw nature of nature. Every season comes in its purest form. If it’s the winter, there is snow all around and it’s nail biting cold. If it’s the summer, the sun is there in full force. It’s not hot but one can feel the sun rays piercing through. If it’s the spring or autumn, there are colours all around and it really pours in the monsoon. The locals live their life in sync with nature. When the days are longer in summer, there is more work. When the days are shorter during the winter, there is relatively lesser work outdoors.

A view of the house during summers

For freelancers and people looking to work at Rajgundha, the most comfortable season would be from March till June and then during end September to early November. This is when the temperatures hover around 25-30 degree celcius during the days and around 10 degrees celcius in the nights. Some really adventurous folk have spent a month during the cold winters as well when temperatures dip to around -8 degrees celcius in the nights and when one wakes up, there is a sheet or blanket of snow all around.


During the epic winters!

The locals of Rajgundha village live a semi-nomadic life with two houses; one in the high mountains and one at a lower altitude of Bir or around (about 1500m). They typically engage in agriculture and grazing the cattle during summers in Rajgundha and they escape the cold winters by migrating to lower altitudes. At WorkationX, there is a small crew based at the venue with maybe a complete off for a month or so during January and February when it gets really cold.

2019 has begun on a good note with cold weather which means more snow in the mountains which is good for the glaciers. Snow in January and February also means timely snow which stays longer and ensures water supply during the summers at lower altitudes and the plains. If you’re looking to experience this beautiful weather and be at WorkationX, now is the time to plan out your trip from late Feb onwards!

We encourage long term stays details of whch can be found on our website: Short terms stays are also welcome but for a place like Rajgundha, it takes a couple of days to settle into a rhythm and you can take it from there. We also encourage small teams working on ideas or prototyping to work from here; it’s a great isolated space without any distractions to focus on work. We’ve also seen productivity go up and you’re likely to be able to get more work done in lesser time and the rest of the time can be devoted to be completely in the lap of the mountains 🙂

Write to us at [email protected] for more information and book a stay!

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