Mandiyali 101- words you’ll often hear when in the mountains

So, so, so, this is a super fun post. While living in the mountains, especially in this part of the Himalayas, the local Pahari language changes tone and dialect every few kilometres. Interestingly, Bir is on the border of Kangra and Mandi districts of Himachal with more influence from Mandi. During one of the interactions with a local here (Arun), we tried to list down some of the most spoken and heard words when you’re in and around Bir- your base for when you come for remote working at WorkationX. Here are 15 words and phrases:

Minju bhukh lagri- I’m hungry

Tuse kuthi chalre- Where are you going?

Ase bida jo chalre- I am going to Bir

Aaun path saga chirna- I am cutting a pumpkin

Colonyla kunje jaana- How to go to the colony (Colony is the main Chougan market, the Tibetan Colony road)

aaj paragliding large hona- is paragliding happening today?

gauchigera- i am lost

Aaj mausam keda hai- how is the weather today?

sogarea- take care

sakhshant- happiness and quietude

badi baanki/ bada baanka- very beautiful

tera badi bhaari jalb hona- you create a lot of nuisance

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