Freelancing – A milestone in the way towards a ‘smarter’ life?

This post has been contributed by Nirali Jain who is a student pursuing film, literary and cultural studies. She loves travelling, dancing and living. 

Freelancing is a recent addition to the categories of employment. An obvious direct result of the internet, freelancing gives one a very flexible work environment: no time probations, no office ethics requirements and no fixed boss. One has all the spatial liberties and to an extent some temporal liberties. Freelancing basically works projects wise; you get hired for a particular project and even payments are made project wise.

Freelancing in a way or another aids freelancers to pursue their passion; some use it as secondary income to support their wishful occupation while some freelance for their wishful occupation.

College students take up small freelancing projects to earn some pocket money. For them, it is the most efficient way of making some money as they can pick up projects as and when they get time.

For many whose lives involves travelling or revolves around travelling, freelancing becomes an efficient way of earning. Many travel enthusiasts, freelance to be able to afford to travel.

It can be quite difficult to enter into the freelancing space at first. Even though there are websites like and, one has to build their portfolios over time to get a decent paying project. There is indeed labour exploitation at the initial stage of one’s freelancing career. At first, one might have to do real low paying projects to get recommendations and more projects. However, over time it becomes much easier to get good paying projects. If you’re not someone who can deal with the idea that you need to go find work and maintain relationships in order to keep the checks coming in, freelancing might not be the best role for you.

Many create multiple streams of revenue by taking up several different projects; this way if one pay check doesn’t come on time, it doesn’t create a lot of mayhem in life. Not receiving pay checks on time is a common complaint by freelancers. However, this is being tackled by websites by playing the role of a middleman and making the client pay them the fee beforehand so that the same can be transferred to the freelancer as soon as the work has been submitted.

Not everyone likes the idea of functioning in the mornings. But then, there are some who roll out of bed first thing and are ready to start our day. If you think better at night, you have the freedom to work at night.

There is no need of focusing on just one profession; for instance, you could do a graphic designing project while developing a website for another client or writing for yet another assignment.

It is more efficient for the employers as well since hiring freelancers on a need-basis for particular projects is more cost effective as compared to hiring full-time employees. Also, when companies hire freelancers, they are not making as much of a commitment as they are when they are hiring an employee, and so they may be willing to hire someone for a one-time job with a less impressive resume. So freelancing can be a way to break into a new line of work. But the work will have to prove your abilities in order to keep on getting more.

With the rise of internet and softwares which run on it, there is expertise required for one time jobs for which full time recruitment is not required at all; for instance, web designing or graphic designing for content. For such cases, freelancing is the best and most convenient option available.

Freelancing can be really good for one’s mental health as all of the workplace anxiety gets eliminated. The need to maintain cordial relationships with co-workers is gone. There is no need of being or acting a certain way while working.

It takes a while to build any kind of steady income, and you don’t have many guarantees about your income. If you only do freelancing from home, there can be a tendency towards anxiety or depression ratcheting up because of the isolating and lonely nature of your work.

Freelancing in my opinion is a reaction to the prevailing oppressive working culture existing world over. It is in a way a resistance as well as revolution.

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