Destination Billing- your take off spot for all things adventure!

We’re in the middle of the winters right now and have just ushered in the new year- 2019. Every fortnight or so, the skies turn grey and clouds descend to pepper snow over the mountains and rain a little further downhill. We recently wrote a post about the seasons of Rajgundha where WorkationX is situated and here, we’re putting up some pictures from Billing, one of the starting points for your trek to Rajgundha and also your takeoff point if you want to go paragliding!

TakeOff site (which becomes a Picnic spot when it snows)

Billing, often mentioned in tandem as Bir-Billing, is a very small region 14k by road from Bir Khas. In terms of elevation, Billing is at 2428m while Bir is at around 1500m. There is a reasonably good road (according to India mountain road standards) which will take you to Billing from Bir. Road time is approximately 45 minutes for this ride and an alternative would be to hike up and cut through the roads. This journey would be about 3 hours if you’re able to find the path at first go.

Billing is more like a region dedicated to taking off for paragliders. To support this activity, there are a few dhabas (cafes) that have come up and a couple of camping sites. The place is also the starting point for treks to Rajgundha, Hanuman Gadh and for the adventurous, further up to Bara Bhangal after Rajgundha.

Here are some pictures from Billing in early January. You’d usually find snow here during late December through middle February. The snow is there only when it is actively snowing and it melts off in a few hours as soon as the sun comes out. Paragliding is not safe when the weather is overcast but you’d see people taking off in snow during a window when the front of the take off site clears out and is sunny. For either of these- trek to Rajgundha and remote working options/ camping/ paragliding, you can write to [email protected]and get more info at

Beautiful snow peppered tree
Fly, fly, fly!
The beautiful Billing Forest!
Walk, walk, walk!

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