Designing your life to become a Digital Nomad – Part 2

The first part of this series of articles set up the tone and gave the first pointer… And this is the second part which ventures further into the next steps. If you haven’t read Part 1, read it here.

2. Invest In Skills

When I say invest, I dont just mean money. It can be an investment of time & effort as well. There are certain skills that can more easily help you become a digital nomad. The idea is to find a skill that can be carried out remotely, something that youre inclined towards and let it take you places. There are a growing number of professions that fit the bill of being location-independent. As far as acquiring them is concerned, I wouldnt completely discount the value of professional training, but I also wouldnt say you absolutely have to go get a degree for it. You can take online courses to learn the basics of something and then continue experimenting with live projects. Three years ago, when I was searching for something that could help me travel I discovered that there is a high demand of graphic designers. Brands and organisations wanted to convey their message in an increasingly visual world. Now, with improving internet speeds, were becoming a more video-dominated world, so the demand for videographers and editors is on the rise. Social media management, digital marketing and UI/UX design are also three skills gaining massive favour.

3. Reach Out To Clients

We started from the story of a digital nomad advertising his services. Once youre ready to open shop, you have to reach the right people. To reach out effectively, digital nomads make use of new methods of communication to reel in jobs from all around the world. You can begin by creating a social media presence for yourself, showcasing your work. Let your social circles know you are willing to take up assignments. Or another way is to reach our directly to organisations that you might be interested in working with. You can even go destination specific. In case, youre looking to do videography work in the mountains, you can start by looking for brands that are working in those locations. An experiment we did recently while travelling in Kerala was contacting luxury hotels before reaching a place, and offering to make a promotional video for them in exchange of stay, food and a basic price.

Many of these hotels have never explored such an option as they think video promotions are very expensive, and an agency would actually charge them a lot more. But, since our aim was to travel while Im experiencing a new place, the offering worked out perfectly. We made such videos for two luxury hotels, while also experience the cities of Wayanad and Cochin differently.

4. Build Your Routine

For someone trying to escape the rut and jump into the nomads exciting life, what Im going to say next will sound a little surprising, but, having a routine has its benefits. The main benefit of having a routine is that it allows you to do deep work. If you want to do a good job, be it writing a story, editing a short film, writing the code for an app, you will need stretches of uninterrupted time to be able to really get into it. You will have to come back to your desk again and again. The fact that this desk in in the forest or overlooking a lagoon will not help you finish the work any faster. In fact, working while youre travelling comes with a slew of distractions. Which is why building a routine is necessary. Effective digital nomads, in my experience, set a clear distinction between work days and leisure days. Usually 4-5 days in a week would be work days, with active periods, break times and meal times occurring at roughly the same time each day. What youre doing here is youre basically conditioning your brain with certain markers, and it is more likely to work when it is time to work. As there is a high amount of variability associated with being in different locations constantly, it takes an inordinate amount of time to slip into a work state of mind, which can be tackled with a work routine.

We hope that these tips aid your journey. On the WorkationX blog, we will explore the possibilities of remote working all across the quarter, so stay tuned. And if you want to stay at the highest co-working/co-living space in Asia, write in to us at [email protected] 

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